About Us

Not often do scientists and technicians get together and write music – terrible idea. Yet, with Subatomaton, this is exactly what happened, forged in the fires of chance meetings at the local music club, a game of rounders, and an x-ray experiment.

A four-piece band based in South Oxfordshire, Subatomaton play a form of “modestly firm” rock, blending influence from Queen's of the Stone Age, Bowie, Acca Dacca and Saxon amongst others, mixing with a pinch of prog and metal, and churning out a style somewhere in-between. When not prising apart riddles of matter, Subatomaton collide to see what comes out.

All four work in and around the Harwell Campus in southern Oxfordshire, and met there in 2015. Since then they have learned to live with each other's annoying habits, electing to write their own music and see what happens. Outside of Subatomaton's music, they are proud that there is no song by any other band that all four of them can play. All of them are leaving early adulthood behind.


Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Tris fronts the band. He plays guitar and sings a bit. He has two custom Warmoth guitars ("because they're unique") and uses a Blackstar Series One 45 combo and Hardwire pedals to try and make himself sound better.


Lead Guitar

Providing six-string dexterity that would otherwise be lacking from the band, Ronnie has seen it, done it, and wants to do it again! He favours Ibanez guitars, Line 6 amps, and Boss effects pedals.


Drums / Backing Vocals

Luke crafts the beats that underpin the delicate (or not) guitar work laid out before him, as well as providing vocal harmonies. He uses an Alesis electronic kit. He is the tallest member of 'ton.



Providing the perfect companion to Luke's drums, Rich creates basslines that you can't help but notice. He has a bass amp and a bass guitar. It has five strings.

  • Why wouldn't you want to know? How free the blood can flow. Why wouldn't you want to know? How we could sink so low.

  • I lock the gates into my own world, and sneak right into yours. I build the fear up in my own world, and bleed it in to yours.

    Little Man
  • Amidst kindred spirits, no banner no creed, asking like minds to take up the call, see no colour of skin nor race nor breed, we dance encantations enthral.

    Step Into The Light
  • You are vulnerable to those who try to change and bend your path, or pass you by. A breadcrumb trail cannot bring you back - you will decay, spontaneous collapse.

    If The Devil
  • If there was ever a time, to have it all again and spin the same old lines, I won't make you stay, but please, please, please make me feel the same damn way.

  • I got sand in my shoes and a long way to go, I need you much more than you'll ever know. The help is so near and yet all I can do, is sit there staring helplessly at you.

    Need Your Help
  • Extravagance we took for granted in the past, we should have known that it was never gonna last. Let's change some little things, start making smarter choices, no administration can ignore a billion voices

  • Now the shadows start to take their form. They are your construction, cannot be erased or undone, send them back you don't know how...

    Achilles Heel
  • It's always lonely no-one's ever around. There's a lot of noise but you hear no sound. A circus tent with Pagliacci the clown - "La commedia è finita!"

    Find Her Here Again
  • Beasts that lay in wait, tempt us with Utopian state, control our minds and choose our fate.

  • Cools the ground under your feet, your shadow dead ahead. Why have you seen the heart of the misguided man and put it on your sleeve?

    Stay / Go (working title)


Send us a message if you are interested in our music, want us to play at your event, or just want to get in touch and ask us something. Alternatively, visit us on Facebook (@subatomaton).